SUVs Are in Demand: How to Find Deals on These Models

In the past, sedans were always the most popular vehicle of choice for drivers. But something that’s becoming a growing trend for automakers is SUVs. In fact, SUV sales outsold sedans two to one in 20191 — and it doesn’t seem like that fanfare is expected to slow down anytime soon. Between the appeal SUVs possess and the fact that manufacturers have shifted towards more fuel-efficient models, it’s no surprise if you’re seeing more of them on the road. A search online will tell you everything there is to know about the new models.

Since auto companies always want to increase SUV sales, drivers are finding deals and discounts almost everywhere they look. You can discover the latest incentives offered by your local dealerships with a search online.

A New ERA of SUV

It’s no question that SUVs are having a moment, with this type of vehicle making up 47.4 percent of U.S. sales in 2019. Much of this figure can be credited to what SUVs offer its occupants — four doors, comfort, and style.

While minivans dominated family-oriented buyers, SUVs have become equally enticing thanks to the number of safety features. There’s also a ton of cargo and seat space that can fit all your items and extra people. All these essential features are wrapped into a sleek and sophisticated body, meaning your SUV guaranteed to look good while driving on the road.2

Major auto manufacturers learned that consumers simply don’t have the appetite for a heavy, inefficient SUV that could cost them a third of their income at the pump. To that end, starting just a few years ago, automakers crafted a new line of SUVs and crossovers designed to blend the size and comfort of SUVs with the performance and efficiency of sedans.

With this development and increased demand in the more fuel-efficient vehicles, manufacturers started upping production once again. As a result, many dealerships are left with an influx of SUVs to get off their lots this year.

How You Can Find SUV Deals

Now more than ever, new SUV buyers will benefit from incentives offered by dealers who need to make space for the new 2021 models arriving soon.

So, whether you want an SUV to take your family on a cross-country road trip before school starts or your commute requires a fuel-efficient ride with cargo space, new deals are emerging as we speak. Popular automakers like Ford, Nissan, and Honda are giving drivers incentives on some of 2020’s top SUV models.

The 2020 Ford Escape is offering zero-percent financing for 36 months, along with $500 cashback.3 The 2020 Nissan Rogue Sport is available for zero-percent financing for up to 60 months with up to $1,500 cashback.4 Additionally, Honda is offering 1.9 percent financing and on the 2020 Honda CR-V.5

These are just a few of the deals we’ve spotted. As new models arrive at dealerships for the 2021 model year, incentives and pricing will likely change. Automakers are always ready to offer even better discounts on last year’s models still sitting on the lot.

SUV incentives change each month and sometimes even throughout the week according to U.S. News. So, search before you buy, and you’ll be able to compare different pricing and offers.

Search Online for Local Deals

Buying a new SUV is a big investment, but there are easy strategies to keep in mind that can potentially save you money. For example, wait until 2021 models are released to save money on 2020 models. Sellers will want to make room for the newer models and possibly offer you an aggressive incentive to make room on the lot.6 It’s also possible to find buzzworthy incentives randomly throughout the year.

Don’t be afraid to negotiate a good deal. Salespeople want to make a sale just as much as you want to buy at a good price. Even negotiating down a few hundred dollars is a win, so call out potential flaws in vehicles and use that to your advantage.

Make sure to take the time to compare deals and vehicles online. Shop around to compare which SUV will save you the most money. To get the biggest savings in your area, do your research, as many of the dealerships’ biggest deals are location-based. You could find yourself with even bigger savings than the above!

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